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Zang Toi established the, “House of Toi” collection in New York in 1989. The independently owned atelier is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, just in time to launch its official website.

Malaysian-born Zang Toi is a graduate of the famed Parsons School of Design. Toi burst onto the scene with vibrant hues and bold designs. Never to miss even the smallest details, his garments are proof positive that time and careful attention has been placed into each and every look. As a result, from the onset of his career his collections have been highly anticipated and praised.

Over the years, Toi’s designs have evolved from the bright and decadent of the 1990s to the timeless yet modern lines of the turn of the century. No matter what the trend, Zang Toi creations are chic and glamorous, always highlighting the beauty of the female form.

All hand made in New York with the most luxurious materials, all unique, all Zang Toi.